Replaces 6/1/ edition. Contact Information: [email protected] canlirecvima.gq ; Content. FAA Form (PDF, Please note that some of the Adobe PDF forms are not fillable, while (not a free download) or Adobe Approval (not a free download). The information on the accompanying form is solicited under authority of Federal Aviation Regulations FAA Form () Supersedes Previous Edition.

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are also available for download from the FAA's website for continued FAA Order , FAA Airport Compliance Manual, has more .. by submitting an application, FAA Form , Certificate of Waiver or Authorization. Fill faa waiver form faa instantly, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile. No software. Try Now!. Fill Skydiving Faa Form 1, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and Form FAA - Certificate of Waiver or Authorization Application Form.

You can then copy that portion of the section map, circle the launch site in red or some other color, and write the legend, "Area of Proposed Operations. In either case, this is the line on which you request altitude.

If you can read the altitude of the terrain on the section map, you can add this to the requested altitude above ground level to arrive at the altitude above Mean Sea Level MSL , which might be appreciated by the person processing your application.

On Line 7 you give your starting and ending dates and times, and any rain dates.

Use the "hundred hour" time, or military time as it's more known as. Make sure to indicate what time zone you're referencing, for example " EDT". You sign on Line 15, and have an opportunity to say a little something about how you're going to be running things under "Remarks".

A spotter will watch for aircraft entering the operations area, and will temporarily suspend operations in this contingency. Make three copies. If launching under a National Organization attach three copies of their applicable Safety Code. It will help define the types of rockets which will be under the terms of the waiver. Also attach three copies of the specific portion of the section map, if that's how you're indicating where you are going to fly.

Include a short letter of intention. In addition it would be advisable to include a stamped self addressed postcard which will hopefully be returned to you confirming the receipt of you waiver application. You need to apply at least 30 days the form says 45 days, so be sure in advance.

If you don't hear back from them in two or three weeks, give them a call.

We had to do this twice; once the form was lost, and another time it was just in the "in" basket. If all goes according to plan, you should get back your application, all the other stuff you sent talk about carrying coals to Newcastle!

There will be a few strings attached. You should be instructed to inform the nearest ATC, and possibly an Automated Flight Information Service, a certain time before you start, in order to "activate" your waiver. You'll probably be instructed to contact them when you're done, too.

SS are the Decimal Seconds All U. There are many ways to determine these coordinates. If you have access to a GPS receiver, you can simply visit the potential launch site and use that to determine the coordinates.

Google Earth has a browser version as well as a downloadable desktop version of the program. The desktop version has a slightly better user interface and more flexibility but for the purpose of determining the latitude and longitude of a potential launch site, both will work fine.

Keep in mind that incorrect coordinates will delay the review process. Box 8 is also the line on which you request your operating altitudes. Providing the altitude above ground level as opposed to above mean sea level AMSL can be key as some launch sites may be located significantly above sea level.

Requesting a 5, foot AMSL altitude for a launch already sitting at 3, feet above sea level would only leave a surface to 2, feet AGL range to fly within. As for determining the actual altitude you want to request, you have to decide how high you can fly rockets based on the limitations stated in 14 CFR Conversely, if you measure the distance from the closest person or property not associated with your launch operations to be 3, feet, then the maximum altitude you can request would be 12, feet AGL.

Just remember that you must observe the greater of the two defined separation distances i.

The minimum is always 1, feet. If the applying individual or organization would like to conduct nighttime rocketry operations at the same launch site, then another piece of information to include in Box 8 is a separate altitude range for those operations. The maximum altitude must still follow the limitations stated in 14 CFR When determining a nighttime altitude, always keep in mind that the higher a rocket travels in the dark, even with the brightest illumination, it can be harder to track the entire flight profile and therefore become a serious safety concern to anyone on the ground.

Be prepared to accept lower altitudes. Box 9 asks for starting 9a and ending 9b dates and times. January 1st to December 31st. Of course if you only fly during the warmer months, you can enter the date range covering only those months. Conversely, if you only have a winter flying season, you only need to enter the date range for those months.

Note: you must be working in a local copy i. For instance, AM would be entered as while PM would be entered as Note: that Part 23 does not contain Radar and Other Sensors.


The aircraft utilize high levels of automation to hold, or loiter, at the LLP until the control link with the aircraft is restored or the specified time elapses. If the time period elapses, the aircraft may autoland, proceed to another LLP in an attempt to regain the control link, or proceed to a Flight Termination Point FTP for flight termination.

Faa regulations pdf

The deconfliction plan may include altitude offsets and horizontal separation by using independent LLPs whenever possible. It is highly desirable that all UAS have system redundancies and independent functionality to ensure the overall safety and predictability of the system.

Spectrum Authorization. This generally will be in the form of an experimental radio license or a special temporary authority STA issued by the FCC. This is especially important for systems designed to operate on frequencies assigned to the DOD. Unless operating in an active restricted or warning area designated for aviation use, or approved prohibited areas, UAS operations must adhere to the following requirements.

Faa Form 7711-2 - Application For Certificate Of Waiver Or Authorization

Observer Requirement. Model aircraft and part operations do not normally require the use of VOs. If the UAS operation authorization requires a VO, visual flight rules VFR operations may be authorized utilizing either ground-based or airborne VOs on board a dedicated chase aircraft.

When using other aids to vision, VOs must use caution to ensure the aircraft remains within normal VLOS of the observer.

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These aids to vision are not to be confused with corrective lenses or contact lenses, which do not alter the FOV or distort vision. This location will be selected to afford the best available view of the entire area within which the operation is to be conducted.

ATC Communications Requirements. Intercommunications Requirements.

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If a chase aircraft is being utilized, immediate communication between the chase aircraft and the UAS PIC is required at all times. Electronic Devices.

The use of electronic devices including cell phones is not permitted other than for mission-required usage. Use of electronic devices must not interfere with the UAS systems.

The use of electronic devices including cell phones is not authorized for primary communication with ATC unless authorized by a Certificate of Waiver or Authorization COA , or Special Airworthiness Certificate operating limitations. Carriage of hazmat is prohibited under part Failure to comply with the provisions becomes your legal responsibility and the FAA has the power to fine and prosecute you if they need to. If you have only spoken with this person online, it is likely they are not a U.

If so, you will also need to request authorization in accordance with 14 CFR This website is confusing but you can get the hang of it.

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See supplemental attachments. While the old rules prohibited flying unmanned rockets into controlled airspace the new rules do not.

Unfortunately, this is a common concern.

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